Group Activities & Companies

Nile Engineering For Projects S.A.E.

Established in 1996 as a joint stock Company,the Company operates in the field of mobile wireless telecommunicaitons, mobile handsets, power management solutions(UPS Systems),retail and retail related financial services,and events promotions.

The Company is a Vodafone Authorized Agent for its mobile products, a Stratigic Partner of Eaton Corporation for its UPS products, Exclusive Fiamm Batteries Importer, and the Owner and Operator of the NileTel chain of Retail Stores.

Nile Engineering For Agencies S.A.E.

Nile Engineering For Free Zone S.A.E.

El Tarek Nile Automotive Company S.A.E.

The Companies were established in 1992, 1993, and 2008 respectively.

Nile Engineering for Agencies S.A.E., is a Chrysler Group Agent in Egypt. The Company has a 3S (Sales,Service & Spares ) state of the art facility in Hurghada on the Red Sea handling the South of Egypt and the Red Sea, and Showrooms in Mohandeseen – Giza. Both operations are for Chrysler Group’s Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, and RAM vehicles.

Nile Engineering For Free Zone S.A.E., has free Zone facilities in Alexandria to warehouse vehicles (and other Group's products) on customs unpaid status.

El Tarek Nile Automotive Company S.A.E. is Chrysler Group’s authorized after sales service provider in Alexandria. The Company has two 2S centers (Service & Spares). One of them is dedicated for servicing Chrysler Group’s vehicles, and the other is for servicing Fiat Auto vehicles (Fiat,Lancia and Alfa Romeo) as well as KIA, Mahindra and Brilliance vehicles.

NileEng Limousine S.A.E.

Legalized by the Ministry of Tourism, NileEng Limousine has a large fleet of cars for limousine services or rentals for tourists or local clients on short or long term contracts.

Nile Engineering For Real Estate S.A.E.

Nile Engineering For Real Estate Development S.A.E.

Nile Engineering For Real Estate and Touristic Development S.A.E.

Established in 2006, 2007 and 2010 respectively, the companies own and develop “SMART” customizable office and residential buildings for leasing or selling to companies and individuals.