Contracting Parties:

  • Nile Engineering For Projects S.A.E.
  • Vodafone Egypt
  • Social Fund For Development (SFD)

Principle Associating Party:

  • Ministry of State for Administrative Development

Project Mission:

  • To aid the government in its efforts to offer jobs to new graduates.
  • To spread mobile products and services to Egypt’s rural areas.
  • To spread internet and e-services in rural areas to advance Egypt’s entry into technology.
  • To develop entrepreneurship opportunities for the Egyptian youth.
  • To spread e-government services in Egypt’s rural areas.
  • To offer educational books for school children.
  • To offer legal satellite TV subscriptions.
  • To introduce Financial Services to the unbanked population in the rural areas.

Project Goals:

  • To establish 2000 MiniStores / Kiosks which will offer 4000 new employment opportunities for Egyptian youths of both sexes by securing low interest loans for them through the Social Fund For Development with long repayment schedule.
  • To create a modern Store / Kiosk to give an improved appearance to the streets and to act as a one-stop shop offering services, information and vital products.
  • The MiniStores will launch a service never offered before on the retail level in a strategic alliance with a leading Investment Bank. The service will introduce Retail Financial Services directly to consumers to help in spreading needed financial services to the rural unbanked population.

Targeted Locations:

  • Rural areas and villages in Egypt’s governorates with concentration outside of Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza as phase1.
  • Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza as phase 2.

NileTel Participating Business Partners:

  • Vodafone (Cellular Wireless Telecommunication).
  • Ministry of State for Administrative Development (Government‘s official documents processing).
  • CNE – Satellite TV services.
  • Nahdet Misr – Education books and stationary.
  • Financial Services – A Strategic Alliance with a leading Investment Bank in Egypt.
  • Aramex – Courier services.
  • Xerox – Copying services.

NileTel Services:

  • Vodafone Products
  • E-Government Services
  • Photo Services
  • Aramex Courier Services
  • Xerox In-Store Office Services
  • Other In-Store Services
  • Financial Services
  • Internet Services
  • Mobile Handset Services (After Sales)
  • Satellite & TV Services
  • Office Supplies